I’ve been in Italy for a week now…

I have experienced some of the longest days of my life, however, I’ve been to places I didn’t believe existed. Everyone has been so kind and welcoming and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

Jari took me to San Marino the other day to see where he went to school and have a drink. Here are some of the pictures:

(more to come)

When Omie died, I immediately cut my hair. I mean, I guess that’s a textbook reaction to a major life event. Anyway, I felt this need to cut most of my hair off and became increasingly aware of this after she died. So that’s what I did. I impulsively booked an appointment with a woman I had never met and told her to chop it off without thinking twice. She asked if I was sure about my decision and I said something to the tune of:

“Yeah, man. Just get rid of it and don’t let me think any more about it”

So she did.

When she originally cut my hair, it was bad. I mean, not noticeably bad to anyone but me, but nonetheless my hair was 6-7 inches shorter and made me look older. My hair had “bounce” and I couldn’t put it up without hair falling down my neck. I really examined myself today and my hair is long again. I don’t know when that happened or whatever, but I feel like myself¬†again; in the reflection of the mirror at least. It’s been six months since I’ve been able to say that.

I suppose noticing my hair length reminds me of a few things. . .

1. Time can feel like it’s at a standstill or flying by- depending on my emotional state

2. My identity is longer, untamed hair (it just is)

Sometimes my mom will tell me how much better I would look with hair 4 inches shorter and layered. That comment alone makes me grow my hair for months on end with no intention of cutting it whatsoever. Hell, when I see my usual stylist she always tries to convince me to cut it shorter¬†too because it is more “manageable” or something. I can present myself as polished on an as needed basis but for the most part, I like wearing my hair as is.

Long story short: I’m going to keep growing my hair like a weed and cut when necessary. I like my hair and throwing it up or letting it air dry 90% of the time. And if something shitty happens again, I’ll hack it off without a second thought.

That’s all.