Do you ever listen to a song or album and you can close your eyes and you’re instantly transported back to a place in time that is representative of when you heard it?

Well, it’s overcast and chilly here so I’m drinking a cup of coffee and listening to beach house. I mean this kind of weather is demanding me to go to that melancholy place in my mind anyway so here we go!

About two years ago, I went to a beach house concert in Chattanooga. I met a friend there I had not seen in a long time (specifically to go see this show). I say this a lot but having someone who is important to you in your place, a place you didn’t spend time with them in, is a weird feeling. It’s like two very familiar worlds blending and it almost feels surreal or you’re in a dream just simulating the familiarity. And so, the rest of the night continued to feel like a dream sequence and that’s where I’m at now.

Beach House had a very intricate, slow-moving show. It was the kind of set you could sit down for (which we did) and you’re just enamored with the sounds, lights and overall experience. Look there’s no other way to put this: it was a mesmerizing, visceral experience. There may be other reasons that contributed to this very fact but we won’t go there right now…

Anyway, we just sat there and experienced this together and even though we hadn’t seen each other in a while at length, it was cool. We didn’t have to really say anything or catch up, it just felt comfortable to be with my friend and listen to some music for the night. So, as i listen to this album i’m thinking about that night and my friend.

that’s all.